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Bathroom Equipment

Bath and shower benches
Sturdy benches that are placed at the bottom of your bath and or shower. It allows you to safely and comfortably sit while bathing.

Tub transfer bench
This type of bench allows for easier and more comfortable transfer from a wheel chair to the tub and vice versa. Helps prevent falls when moving in and out of the tub. This transfer bench is just like a chair being able to be placed halfway in the tub and halfway out of the tub for the easiest movement.

Elevated toilet seat
A safety item that sits on the rim of a toilet, making it easier for users, such as seniors, to get on and off the toilet.

Toilet, tub and wall grab bars
These are used for extra support and safety; these bars may be placed along the walls for better grips to sitting on the toilet or entering a tub. Wall bars can be attached to the wall anywhere necessary.