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Hospital Equipment

Manual hospital bed
Used by patients who require changes in body positioning not feasible in an ordinary bed. It allows the patient's head to be elevated and the knees to be flexed by using a hand crank. The height of the bed cannot be adjusted.

A semi-electric bed 
Used by a patient who requires immediate and/or frequent changes in body positioning because of pain, difficulty breathing or other issues. The type of bed is helpful when patients are left alone so that they can make their own position adjustments. The head and knee sections are adjusted by a power hand control, but the height adjustment is manual.

A full electric bed
Needed by patients who require frequent changes in body position, allows a person to make positions without adjustments. The head and knee sections and the height of the bed are adjusted by a power hand control.

Mattress overlays

3 in 1 commode
This commode provides a raised toilet seat with safety rails, freestanding commode, and bath and shower seat all in one product.

Drop arm commode
The rails on the commode are able to fold down and provide easy access from a bed to a toilet seat.

Trapeze bar
Helps patients safely change position in bed and transfer from bed to other equipment with minimal assistance.

Patient Lift
Used to assist patients when transferring to different areas. This consists of power or hydraulic lifts.