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Triangle Flight Of Honor

In honor or our World War II veterans, the Triangle Flight of Honor organization has created a day-long trip that provides them with a chance to visit Washington D.C. Many veterans, unfortunately, may not have the funds or strength to make this trip on their own. This creates the opportunity to help in transportation for these veterans to visit the World War II  Memorial as well as other surrounding memorials. This year there were approximately 100 veterans in attendance as well as about 35 guardians.

Kight's Medical was there to help in the mandatory pre-flight meeting that took place Saturday, September 25th at the Crossroads Fellowship Hall. It was not only a great way for the veterans and guardians to get acquainted, but an opportunity for Kight's Medical to help with our wheelchair services and Oxygen concentrators

“I am truly honored to be involved,” says Kight's Account Executive Steven Pier, who proudly offered his assistance with the donated wheel chairs and oxygen concentrators. He continued, “I am looking forward to being involved with the next flight in November.” Triangle Flight of Honor has another scheduled event in place for November 4, 2010.  Kight's Medical Inc provided 16 wheelchairs and 3 oxygen concentrators for these travelers. Helping to show guardians how to safely use this equipment was only part of the experience in this pre-flight meeting.  Kight's Medical gladly applied any further aid necessary to better educate those involved for these admired World War II heroes.

This was the first flight from the Triangle area. It was an emotional and positive outcome when veterans returned from their day-long trip. All were happily greeted by family, friends, and supporters upon their return.

 Special thanks to WRAL. visited site: October 18, 2010. For more information read:

About Triangle Flight of Honor
This organization began in 2004, and has been so successful through those who volunteer, donate, and or sponsor. They are dedicated to honoring our nation’s veterans. Donations to this organization are to provide transportation, meal, T-shirts, disposable cameras, fuel, and anything else they may need. To view more information about Triangle Flight of Honor, tour info, or to donate, please visit their website:

About Kight's Medical
A leading provider in home health products that employs more than 100 health care professionals. Headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, Kight's Medical has national quality standards grounded in continuous performance improvement concepts. For more information please visit our website:

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