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Specialty Products

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Uses negative pressure through a controlled suction device to close large wounds and promote faster healing. This patented, FDA-approved device includes a pump, hoses, and monitoring system held within a portable compact case. It weighs less than 20 pounds. It is used for patients suffering from chronic or acute wounds when traditional dressing changes are not effective. It is considered among recovering patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other home health care settings.

Orthopedic Products

Products we carry give support to our patients and can be used for correctional use to restore healthier stature in the body or lend relief to reducing muscle pain. This can range from pro lumbar support to a full shell design foot cast.

These products can specifically provide relief for the following:

  • Lumbar strains/ sprains, postural support to spinal block
  • Moderate-severe ankle sprains/strains, syndesmosis sprain to achilles tendonitis
  • Mild to severe knee injuries, post- operative immobilization to patellar dislocations
  • Hip roation and foot drop

Enteral Nutrition

This provides carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes in liquid from to the functioning portion of a patient's gastrointestinal tract. Often referred to as tube feeding, enteral nutrition is considered a reasonable and necessary alternative to parenteral nutrition for patients with a functional GI tract, but for whom regular oral feeding is impossible.

Patients on enteral therapy have a tube placed into the functioning portion of their digestive system.

Types of tubing:

Nasogastric tube ("NG Tube") passed through the nose and into the stomach.

Gastrostomy tube ("G-Tube") passed through an opening into the stomach.

Jejunostomy tube ("J-Tube") that is passed through an opening into the second portion of the small intestine

Delivery Systems

The devices used to deliver medication, blood products, fluids and nutrition support are numerous and diverse. Descriptions of the major categories of infusion systems commonly used for the delivery of home intravenous therapies follow. The selection of one of these systems depends on various factors, including type of therapy, patient assessment, preference and potential risk.

Syringe: Manual IV Push via or Mechanical Syringe Pump

This is used primarily for anti-infective therapy. IV push is appropriate for use in patients who:

  • require fluid restrictions (such as pediatric, cardiac or renal patients)
  • can be taught how to safely administer over the required amount of time
  • who have good mental and physical dexterity

Gravity Flow

Gravity flow is appropriate for patients who are receiving up to three doses of anti-infective therapy per day or simple hydration therapy. It is also the appropriate therapy for patients and their caregivers who can be taught to accurately and aseptically attach the IV tubing prior to infusion and who can safely count the required drops in the IV tubing. Good mental and physical dexterity is a must. Because of catheter pressure or body positioning, the flow of fluids is not guaranteed, however.

Elastomeric Pumping Systems

Rate-restricted infusion systems restrict flow rate by using tubing with a calibrated diameter. These devices are generally more expensive than others, but have the advantage of being small and lightweight. Some devices can be carried inside the patient's pocket while infusing medication into the IV line. These devices are used primarily for intermittent anti-infective or chemotherapy infusions.

The patient using this device needs much less training and can maintain activities of daily living while their medication is infusing.

Diabetic Products


Trach care supplies

These supplies are grouped together in a kit that includes the tracheostomy itself as well as inner cannulas.

Custom Rehab Chairs

This includes power wheel chairs that are created specifically to the patient. We personally work with the patient to obtain the proper measurements in size for them to generate that customized feel.

Sleep Therapy under Disc Decompression or S T U D

Your body is a healing machine. You must Heal your intervertabra discs first to allow your body to heal itself.

STUD Medical Apparatus